Cummerbunds come in many different colors 

The colors clients choose for their special day can come from anywhere – it’s all about discovering the best reflection of their style and personality. Have your client bring you the one color that they have in mind, or a combination of colors, and browse through our wide selection of cummerbunds in all of the most popular colors and patterns. Men’s formal cummerbunds and bow ties can capture and complement your client’s color theme perfectly. With so many colors to choose from, they’ll find exactly what they want.

black top hat, eyeglasses and mustache - click here for black cummerbund selectionsRed Balloons - click here for red cummerbund selectionspurple shaped heart cookies - click here for purple cummerbund selectionspink macaroons click here for pink cummerbund selectionsblue doors with white tulle bow- click here for blue cummerbund selectionswhite wedding cake - click here for white and ivory cummerbund selectionsa pair of silver wedding bands - click here for grey cummerbund selectionswhite star fish in turquoise water - click here for turquoise and teal cummerbund selections coral colored roses - click here for coral and orange cummerbund selectionsbouquet of green flowers - click here for green cummerbund selectionsyellow hearts on a limb - click here for gold and yellow cummerbund selectionstan scrabble tiles spelling marry me - click here for brown and tan cummerbund selections